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Customer Service Professional Chicago, IL


We are seeking a confident, positive, outgoing, organized, and detail-oriented individual to handle Customer Service responsibilities. They will be working in a fast-paced environment where we value strong work ethics, respect for others, excellent communication, and the desire to take on a career and not just a job.


Various duties include:

  • Responds to Calls, Emails, Requests regarding customer service issues

  • Prints Special Orders given by phone, emails, order forms, and/or tablet

  • Distributes Specials to Route paperwork & Depot team

  • Prints daily reports, invoices, settlement sheets

  • Prepares & distributes Route paperwork (includes separating Regular invoices & Settlement Register sheets)

  • Requests Non-embroidery garment orders

        - a. Consolidates non-embroidery garment orders from customers, route       reps, and managers into one form to be passed along to Garment department

        - b. Receives daily garment inventory sheet. Reviews what may be short

          as well as notifies GM of what garments will need to be ordered if requested orders cannot be filled completely.

  • Completes Customer Maintenance changes to include:

       - a. Maintenance change forms from route reps

       - b. Customer requests via phone

       - c. Manager requests via email

       - d. Monthly price increases approved by Managers

       - e. Contract renewals

  •  Organizes packing slips/receivers

  • Maintains Office supplies:

       - a. Informs office mgr of office supplies needed (includes Invoice & Specials paper)

       - b. Distributes supplies to designated locations

  • Assists with Special Projects assigned by Managers


Required Characteristics / Personality Traits


  • Confident

  •  Positive demeanor and attitude

  •  "Face" of the company over the phone

  •  Ability to work and have good rapport with various personalities

  • Good communicator

  • Ability to turn a complaint into positive results

  • Urgent in responding to customer issues

  • Urgent in responding to emailsFollow-ups are always completed

  • Great at trouble-shooting/problem-solving

  • Quick, accurate, & efficient with tasksAble to go from one task to another. Double-checks own work.


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